Posted by: Cumberland Eye Care in Eye Health, General on April 26, 2024

Upper Cumberland’s trusted cataract surgery provider, Cumberland Eye Care, is proud to offer the revolutionary Light Adjustable Lens.

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

Unlike any other Intraocular Lens (IOL), the Light Adjustable Lens offers a remarkable level of personalization, allowing our ophthalmologists to adjust and customize your vision after cataract surgery.

Crafted from a special photosensitive material, the Light Adjustable Lens changes its shape and power in response to UV light, allowing for post-implantation adjustments within the eye. This unparalleled feature sets it apart from conventional IOLs, giving you and your ophthalmologist the opportunity to adjust and preview your vision until it meets your personal desires and lifestyle requirements.

How Does the Light Adjustable Lens Work?

The journey with the Light Adjustable Lens begins with a standard cataract surgery procedure, during which the lens is implanted with the same care and precision as any other IOL. Then, in the weeks that follow, your physician will customize your vision through a series of non-invasive light treatments that take only a few minutes each. You may need 3 to 5 total light treatments over a period of 1 to 2 weeks to reach your vision goals. Once your vision is adjusted, a final light treatment is used to lock in the results.

Benefits of the Light Adjustable Lens

The Light Adjustable Lens delivers superior vision outcomes and unparalleled customization that non-adjustable IOLs cannot match. Beyond its transformative capabilities, this groundbreaking lens boasts a versatile range of vision, accommodating various distances with ease and reducing reliance on visual aids such as reading glasses.

Begin your journey to a brighter tomorrow by scheduling a cataract evaluation at Cumberland Eye Care in Crossville, TN. Discover the transformative potential of the Light Adjustable Lens and embrace a future illuminated by unparalleled clarity and precision.

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