The Light Adjustable Lens, often called LAL, is an advanced intraocular lens that allows your cataract surgeon to fine-tune your vision after cataract surgery. Unlike traditional monofocal and multifocal IOLs, the Light Adjustable Lens stands out for its ability to refine vision after the initial implantation.

At Cumberland Eye Care, we are proud to offer this innovative option for tailored visual results after cataract surgery.

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The revolutionary Light Adjustable Lens is the only implantable lens that lets you and your eye doctor test drive and customize your vision after cataract surgery. This adjustability takes cataract treatment to the next level by providing a lens explicitly tailored for your eyes.

The Light Adjustable Lens contains special light-sensitive molecules activated and customized by your eye doctor using UV light. After you’ve fully healed from your cataract surgery, you will need to return to your eye doctor’s office for a series of light treatments.

During these visits, your eye doctor will shine UV light on the implanted lens, altering the lens shape and focus to optimize your vision. After this, you will be able to test drive your vision to determine whether or not it is at optimal clarity.

You may need multiple light treatment sessions to achieve your desired vision. Most patients require 2-3 light treatments to achieve their visual goals. Although the Light Adjustable Lens follow-up process differs from other IOLs, the cataract surgery procedure is the same.

Cataract surgery with the Light Adjustable Lens is outpatient, meaning you will get to go home the same day. Your eye doctor will explain the timeline for how often you will need to return for light treatment sessions.

What Allows the Light Adjustable Lens to Adjust and Improve Vision?

The Light Adjustable Lens is the only IOL that UV light can adjust and alter. During cataract surgery, your surgeon will implant the Light Adjustable Lens after removing your natural lens.

Your lens power will be determined depending on your gauged visual needs. After healing and recovering from the cataract procedure, you’ll receive light treatment with a Light Delivery Device (LDD). These light treatments are not painful and only last a few seconds at a time.

Your ophthalmologist will place the Light Delivery Device in front of your eye to ensure specific areas of the Light Adjustable Lens are exposed to UV light. UV light changes the structure of the Light Adjustable Lens and manipulates its power and curvature. Most patients need several light treatments to achieve their desired visual goals. After each treatment, you can test drive your vision and its projected clarity.

What is Recovery Like After Cataract Surgery with the Light Adjustable Lens?

After recovering from having the Light Adjustable Lens implanted in your eye, you can begin receiving light treatments at Cumberland Eye Care. Before you can lock in your customized vision, you’ll need to wear protective UV glasses at all times unless you’re showering, putting in eye drops, or sleeping. These glasses help ensure the Light Adjustable Lens will not change shape before being locked in during two final light treatments.

Who Could Be a Good Candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens?

The innovative Light Adjustable Lens may be right for you if you desire crisp, clear vision without depending on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery. The best way to know if you are a good candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens is right for you is to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for an evaluation.

Your eye doctor will also ask about your vision goals, budget, and lifestyle to determine if the Light Adjustable Lens might be a good option. Because the Light Adjustable Lens is a premium IOL, it is more expensive than traditional intraocular lenses. It also comes with an out-of-pocket cost.

However, many patients find the Light Adjustable Lens to be an excellent choice for crisper, sharper vision while reducing their dependence on visual aids like glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery. No other IOL, premium or otherwise, offers the option to customize one’s vision after cataract surgery.

Do you want to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens? Schedule a cataract evaluation at Cumberland Eye Care in Crossville, TN, today!

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