How Much Does LASIK Cost?

At Cumberland Eye, LASIK costs $1,995 per eye with a $100 exam fee that includes all testing and post operative care.

Ophthalmologists performing LASIK eye surgery are certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. Like other health procedures you may be considering, cost could be a top concern. While cost is no doubt an important factor, the overall quality of the care and provider, and visual outcomes should also be at the forefront when deciding whether LASIK is right for you.

Can I Afford LASIK?

While the initial price of LASIK may seem steep at first, it is actually much more affordable than you think. If you use contact lenses to correct your vision, you may be surprised to find out that how much you pay for contact lenses every year is actually quite close to how much LASIK costs. When considering LASIK lets you live without contact lenses and eyeglasses for many years, the cost of LASIK is actually much cheaper long-term than contact lenses!

However, if the cost of LASIK still concerns you, there are many different available options to afford the procedure. Cumberland Eye Care offers financing options that can help make LASIK more affordable. There are also third party companies such as CareCredit that provide healthcare financing options for patients to allow procedures such as LASIK to become affordable on the spot!

One thing is certain, not only are the long-term benefits of LASIK worth the cost, but it will also be more cost-effective over the long-term!

Is LASIK Covered by Insurance?

Although many of our patients consider LASIK eye surgery a necessary and overall life-changing procedure, it is typically not covered by insurance since it is regarded as an elective procedure. If your employer offers vision plans, be sure to review the outline of benefits since some plans may cover LASIK if certain conditions are met.

Can Medical Savings Accounts Help Pay for LASIK?

Employers usually sponsor Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). LASIK is typically covered under these plans, among other vision correction procedures. Patients participating in Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts are able to set aside tax-free funds from their earnings for Vision Correction Procedures, such as LASIK. A maximum contribution of $2,750 is allowed per year for FSAs.

Is LASIK Tax Deductible?

Tax-deductible medical expenses such as LASIK and vision correction surgery can be deducted by the IRS. Tax deductions may be available if you undergo a procedure. There are no hidden charges, and our services are affordable and comprehensive. We guarantee each patient’s success with our expertise and technology.

Are There LASIK Payment Plans?

The companies that offer LASIK financing offer a variety of plans for you to choose from, including one that allows you to complete payments within three months or one that extends monthly payments for five years. Paying overtime can be arranged by some companies with no extra charges.

In some short-term payment plans, interest is not charged at all. A longer-term loan can have interest rates as high as 22.99 percent. The lender may require a deposit as well. Individual credit ratings and the LASIK financing company used will determine the interest rates and deposits. If you’re interested in learning more about LASIK payment plans, contact our office today to learn more about our financing options.

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